Jumping for (Baby)Joy!


A nappy is a nappy is a nappy right ?


Well actually, no, particularly when it comes to pull-up nappy pants !!

My little one, of 22 months, is extremely feisty and is very clear about which nappy she wants to put on – the one with the people’s faces on it of course and she has a temper tantrum and throws the other nappies with animals and cartoon characters on them in the opposite direction.

babyjoy pants2

I always used the well known brands as I believed that they were superior based on their brand presence and what they market in the adverts such as the blue liquid test. So when I was overseas with little one and had run out of pull-up nappies I grabbed a few in an unknown blue pack, which I was not familiar with.
I used them for a few days, without much thought and then returned home to use my regular kind of pull ups because that is all that I knew.

I could not for the life of me work out why my baby was niggly and whiny every time I changed her nappy.

Imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks after our trip we went to our usual baby “essentials” store and my little one practically jumped out of the trolley and waddled off to a familiar looking blue packet in the nappy section and waved me over to investigate.

Hallelujah, it was like manna from heaven – we had found the same blue packet of pull up nappies which we had used overseas with such satisfaction.
It was a brand that had obviously been on the shelf, which I had overlooked before.

baby joy pants logoSo under instruction from my little one I purchased the packet, which by the way, was better value for money than my regular brand.

The true WOW factor on this pull-up nappy was seeing how much wee the nappy could hold when my dear husband (bless his heart) was looking after my baby for one night without me  and “forgot” to change her nappy for 1,5 hours after she woke up – after having been in the same nappy for 12 hours, which was a total of 13,5 hours with the same nappy on at night and he says he forgot because she was not wet.

Wow – I must admit I had never “forgotten” to change her nappy (as I am a mother of course) but for the usual 12 hours of being in a nappy at night, the nappy was heavy, although not leaking the next morning, unlike the other brands which we had used.

The nappy’s “frills” as I call them fit snuggly on babies legs and waist preventing any oopsies from leaking out like toxic sludge and there are no pressure marks left on baby’s skin. The material of the nappy has a slightly thicker feel to competitors, but actually seemed to allow for more breathability and flexibility.

Japanese TechnologyI have always had a perception that people in the far east are really smart and given the fact that these nappies are labelled as “Japanese Technology” I can understand why they work so well.

Crying_Laughing_EmojiA really basic and clever thing is that on the back of the nappy it is written “BACK” in English and in a foreign language, which looks like Thai – so no excuse by first timers that say they weren’t sure which was the right way and perfect for those trying to make their children bilingual in an Asian language from birth.

The question that I often get is “why do you actually want to change your baby from normal nappies to pull-up pants/nappies?” and the answer is simple. Have you ever tried to put a jersey on a wriggly fish? Same thing! Your little explorer doesn’t want to waste time on their back for nappy changes. They want to be changed in whatever  position of activity they are in, even if the game entails running away from you and squealing in delight whilst you are trying to change them.

The second reason is that if you are potty training pull-ups are great so that a toddler feels empowered by pulling up and down their nappy pants on their own.

And lastly I feel that pull-ups allow for greater flexibility and movement of an active baby without any leakages.

laughing babyOh, and according to my older daughter – another REALLY important reason to use pull-up nappies is that you can put them on your head and run around shouting “nappy head, nappy head”. It’s a game my family loves and laughs in hysterics. This game is also an easy way to distract baby and change their mood from tears to laughter.

How do you get nappy pants off?
Very easy! You simply tear the “seams” on the side of the nappy and voila!

(TIP: Changing baby’s nappy on the beach has never been quicker and cleaner by using pull-ups).

babyjoy pants In SA the BabyJoy pull-up nappies sizing is M-XXL which is technically from 7kgs to 25kgs, but the packaging does guide you and the actual nappy is clearly marked too.

BayJoy has only been in South Africa since 2015 , making it pretty new and VERY underrated. You may not be familiar with it, but now that you have seen the logo and the packaging you will see it in most stores.

Join the BabyJoy Club, be smart like the Japanese and you will have your baby jumping for (Baby)Joy and so will you. . . and your “forgetful” husband.





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  1. I have been using baby Joy for quite a while now , and definitely the best.
    When it comes to potty training , wet beds and clothes with other brands, baby Joy is outstanding , its easy fitted, no leaks and protect my little one’s bum , easy to use while potty training. Very happy and pleased with the quality.


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