Just Like Being Back In The Womb


Why do children love water? Is it the deep, subconscious memory that they have of comfort in the womb? Is it the freshness and the fun that is associated to it or is it just the sheer pleasure of freedom and being able to move without impact or resistance?

When my baby was born I had heard about Hydro-Baby and it was described to me as putting a big ring around baby’s neck and then letting them float in water.

The idea sounded very strange and almost cruel to me as I had visions of a dog with its head in one of those buckets to stop it licking itself. And that was where my information and perception ended.

My daughter is now 18 months and my curiosity got the better of me after listening to a friend talk about how they swear by Hydro-Baby and the positive affect it has had on their baby from a core stability and strength point of view.

Ihydro baby 4 started doing a bit of reading up on it and then I wanted to experience it for myself.

There are 2 Hydro-Baby branches in Johannesburg – Greenstone and at Life Day Spa in Fourways, the latter one worked out logistically better for me so I booked a session for my daughter (they are open on weekends and public holidays – perfect for working moms).
What a phenomenal experience – everything had been thought of – underground parking (so car wouldn’t get hot) toys for baby to play with in the waiting area, a ramp to push down pram, spotless changing areas to put baby into the special swimming costume and even an amazing massage area using a very “chichi” and beneficial range of baby massage and skin care products called Mustela.

mustellaHydro-Baby works on the foundation that water can assist with baby’s development on many levels and assisting to
ease baby concerns such as sleeplessness, colic and reflux.

The pool that babies “swim” in is clear so you can see what your little one is doing clearly in the water and you can also double check that the water is clean (I am obsessed with hygiene and was comforted to know that the water is safely treated and hygienic for baby). The pool recreates the experience of being in the womb, with its dim lighting, calm atmosphere and warm water.

The benefits to this type of repeated experience has many significant benefits such as:hydro baby
•   the freedom to move as they wish which gives babies confidence
•   will assist with digestion and respiratory function
•   will strengthen and improve muscle tone and bone structure
•   will also offer cognitive brain development through connectivity of right and left brain
•   will develop confidence which is an essential life skill
•   will develop blood flow thereby aiding cardiovascular development
•   will feel comfortable in water thereby enhancing their already natural ability to be calm and thrive in water. Also allows babies to have fun
•   will strengthen their sensory pathway
•   motor development is encouraged and enhanced
•   will reach their milestones earlier as they develop their balance and co-ordination and can start to control their movements

Hydro baby 2Because my baby is bigger and has the muscle tone to hold up her head and straighten her body, she was simply held in the water as opposed to wearing the floating cushion.

The hydro session lasted only about 7 minutes and the duration gets longer and longer during each session as baby becomes more relaxed and comfortable.

Another benefit is that you yourself do not need to get your postpartum body into a cozzie and get in yourself. You simply stand on the side of the tank offering baby supportive comments and comforting looks.

Hydro Baby1After only one session I am not able to see any physiological changes as it requires a couple of sessions but what appealed to me was just the opportunity to be together surrounded by calmness and a safe relaxing space for baby to be in which makes a difference from the fast paced and noisy every day environment.

I am looking forward to our next session of happiness and knowing that my baby has had the opportunity to potentially develop in any areas that she may have any weaknesses and feed her soul with this tiny pleasure.




5 fans will win a complimentary Hydo Baby Flotation and Massage Session valued at R465!COMPETITION TIME! All you have to do is name one of the amazing benefits that Life Baby powered by Hydro-Baby offers your baby. Answer this on our Facebook Page HERE. Hint: Read more about Life Baby powered by Hydro-Baby here.

Competition closes on 6th April 2017 at midnight.





  1. will also offer cognitive brain development through connectivity of right and left brain


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