So how’s the morning sickness going?????

Why is morning sickness the only symptom that people ask about when they here that you are pregnant?
Why don’t they ask about the other, real symptoms that one suffers from?

Like how about the one that made me want to drink Handy Andy or eat Pears soap in the shower – that is called PICA.

Or how about the moments when you feel a constant nagging and scratching “down under” and then make the decision that your g-string ain’t gonna cut it anymore and it’s time to ditch the sexy lingerie for the practical full cover Bridget Jones Panties!


Or what about the foot swelling, the excessive sweating and the general bad image most pregnant women have of themselves being like a hippo wading through water?

hippo in water

One of the most common side effects of pregnancy is rhinitis, which is a constantly blocked nose with sneezing.
Why ?
pig sniffing for trufflesThe blood supply is increased due to higher levels of estrogen in the body causing a slight swelling of the nasal passages/mucous membranes which leads to nasal congestion.
A blocked nose was one of the tell tale signs that I was pregnant with both my pregnancies and during all three trimesters I walked around like a hog sniffing out truffles.

Because one is pregnant, one is overly cautious with what products they can use to ease/cure ailments and I found that in the pregnant blocked nose space there was little available to assist with this condition.

I was a little like Goldilocks trying out everything with lots of complaints and little success. From old wives tales, elevating my head when I slept, lots of steam and humidifiers, homeopathic treatments to exercise and rubbing my sinuses with a cold spoon for relief.

My last resort was an over the counter nasal spray which did nothing for me and was supposedly safe during pregnancy.

I wish that I had found a spray that would actually have worked in my desperate times. A spray that was alcohol free, safe during pregnancy, didn’t taste like pool acid and that soothed my nose whilst providing moisture and cleared up the congestion.

bionaseIt recently came to my attention that there is such a product on the market called Bionase Nasal Spray which guarantees instant relief. I actually used the product during a bout of hayfever and it actually did help within a very short period of time.

It is a saline solution which is buffered, meaning that it is a salt-water solution with contains additional miracle ingredients to actively work. Yes the product is suitable for adults and children 3+ but for me the major selling point is that it’s suitable during pregnancy, which makes it worth its weight in gold at R95,95 for the 30ml and R139,95 for the 70ml bottle.
Another brilliant selling point is that if used daily, it can also help prevent Middle Ear Infections by maintaining Nasal Health.
During these Winter months, whilst pregnant you can avoid those flu like symptoms by using Bionase daily. By using it daily, it also helps you to not infect your children or those around you, but NOT allowing bacteria to settle in the nasal cavities! Brilliant!

My question was that if you keep on using it, does your nose not get “addicted” to it ?
The response was that it is non-addictive because it is a drug free solution.

morning sicknessSo if you want to help yourself during pregnancy an eliminate one more horrible symptom, then try out this nasal spray available from leading pharmacies so that you can just focus on the the question of “so hows the morning sickness?”.

enjoyable pregnancy symptoms

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