A hilarious 10 step program on how to feed your baby

A hilarious 10 step program on how to feed your baby by BabyYumYumIt’s that time of day again. It seems just a short while ago since our baby last signaled that we needed to fulfill our motherly duty of providing nourishment (and entertainment). She is hungry and I start to follow my tried and tested 10 step plan to get through the next 30 minutes. What’s the plan I hear you ask? Let me share with you my secret to meal time with a baby:

Step 1: Mentally prepare yourself. Whether it’s a song you sing in your head (I’m a fan of Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger) or take 3 deep breaths, get into the right head space. You have done this before and you can do it again.

Step 2: Wash up a bowl in the sink as I’ve inevitably been too busy with baby to get time to clean the dishes. Like I get time to do housework? As if!

Step 3: Prepare cereal. Nestle Cerelac already contains milks so you just need to add water. That’s easy and it tastes good too.

Step 4: Remove any nice items of clothing from my baby. It’s going to get messy and I don’t want to add stain removal and laundry to the steps.

Step 5: Wrestle baby into the high chair and secure.

Step 6: Fasten bib. Like it’s going to help my child to keep clean! That bib doesn’t stand a chance against cute and chubby arms waving a spoon of cereal around.

Step 7: Try to spoon food into baby’s mouth whilst making stupid faces. I can only imagine how stupid I must look, but who cares as long as it works.

A hilarious 10 step program on how to feed your baby by BabyYumYumStep 8: Give up on the idea of spoon feeding and try baby led weaning instead. Baby has lots of fun feeding themselves, the waiting dog at the foot of the high chair, and the hungry floor (because apparently tiles get hungry too).

Step 9: Remove child from high chair, change clothes, and wash cereal smeared face and hands. Place baby on mat to play happily with their toys whilst they watch mom clean up the aftermath of breakfast.

Step 10: Wash floor and feeding chair. This is about the time I remember that neat trick of putting down newspaper under the high chair to catch spills which I saw somewhere on Pinterest, but forget to do every single time. Then place dirty bowl in sink until next feeding time.

All joking aside, I really do love the laughs and the mess, as I know I have a happy and healthy baby. If you are unsure if your baby is getting a balanced intake, try the Nestle Iron Calculator.

Can you relate to any of these above steps? Share with us your experiences by uploading a video or photo on our Facebook page of you feeding your baby with the hashtag #MoreThanJustAMeal and stand a chance to win. Since meal times with baby can be an effort, BabyYumYum and Nestle want to reward four readers with a mom pamper voucher to the maximum value of R400 and a restaurant voucher to the maximum value of R400. Now doesn’t all that effort feel even more worth it?