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Today, there is a growing awareness of the importance of looking after delicate baby skin and there are several product lines formulated specially for baby skin. The biggest focus is on using a product that is gentle on baby skin and won’t strip skin of its natural oils or harm its protective barrier.

Little focus has been given to the skincare of your little one that is no longer a baby but rather a toddler or young child. At this stage we toss away the beautiful baby scented products and often just use our own “adult” skin and hair care products.

toddler playing in a muddy puddleBut because of the lack of focus, we are unaware of the harm that harsh adult products can cause to toddler skin and hair. A child’s skin and hair continue to develop beyond the age of two.

The adult products that we are using on children are not adding moisture to the skin and hair but rather stripping the skin of it. Perhaps another reason why parents start using adult products on their little ones is because they believe that adult products are better able to get rid of the germs that these very active little people pick up in the sandpit, jumping in muddy puddles and loving their dog.

toddler loving playing with dogDoing these things are good – they help build up immunity and develop creativity, imagination, thinking and social skills. Some moms restrict their kids to “safe and clean areas only” to avoid them
coming in contact with these “dreaded” germs. But come on – don’t limit your children’s development because of a fear of germs.

The good news is that you can now have the best of both worlds when it comes to skincare products that effectively wash away germs, whilst being gentle to developing toddler skin.

Step in – Johnson’s Gentle Protect Range.

johnsons gentle protect product range

This range has a vibrant smell and is enriched with natural ingredients which I dub as “miracle ingredients” for their healing and antibacterial properties such as honey, rooibos (proudly SA) and green tea extract.
What is also a win with this range is that it has products that are ideal for the lifestyle of a toddler.

Johnsons Gentle Protect Hand WashThere is a hand wash, which is great because at this stage we are trying to encourage our little ones to wash their hands regularly.  I have this positioned at every sink in my house as my 4 year old just loves getting messy, especially when helping me in the garden and kitchen.

Johnsons Gentle Protect Wipes

The wipes are in my bag, my car, positioned next to our dining table and in my daughter’s school back pack. These wipes are not just great for wiping dirty hands, but if you are like me, then you will use them for every thing from picking up the squashed beetle to cleaning up the spilt freezochino in my car as well as wiping down marks on my handbag and baby bag. (I think I should do a feature on how many uses you can come up with for wipes. . . lol)

Johnsons gentle protect soapAnd then for bath time there is the good old favourite soap bar, which enables my little one to easily hold the bar of soap, whilst not only washing herself, but also the entire range of “my little pony” which have made their way into the bath too. There is also Johnson’s Gentle Protect Bath which can be added to running water.

toddler and baby in the bath with toys

So in a nutshell – sit back and enjoy seeing your little one getting filthy dirty with a possibility of germs crawling on them, as you will soon have them squeaky clean and healthy thanks to Johnson’s Gentle Protect Range.

Toddler covered in bubbles in bath

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  1. My son loves digging in the garden lol. Once he was covered in mud and i could see no little face just he’s little blue eyes sticking out. This is the perfect in betweener, i usedvto think he can only yse adult toiletries. But this is beyond great.


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