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Amanda Rogaly, Founder

Amanda Rogaly, founder of BabyYumYumBabyYumYum was formed by Brand Builder, Amanda Rogaly, a mother to a toddler and a baby girl. Amanda is passionate about the sharing of knowledge and believes in the continuous circle of energy, that a happy mommy = a happy baby. This circle is created by empowered mommies, who have knowledge and confidence.

Before founding BabyYumYum, Amanda ran a large scale event management and communications company which was nominated as one of the top 200 BEE companies in South Africa. She was nominated as of the “Top Women in Business and Government” in 2011 by Impumelelo Magazine. This dynamic mommy and business women is viewed as an opinion leader in the communications and marketing industry and has published many articles and spoken at several conferences on various related topics.


Meg Faure

Baby Yum Yum is a community of moms and dads who want the best for their children. We are fortunate to have these featured parenting bloggers as part of our community, and please visit their blogs to find out more about how they deal with the joys and challenges of raising children. The Mommy CitySarah from The Mommy City I’m a mommy blogger who lives in Cape Town with my two toddlers and hubby. I like to blog about living in the mother city, parenting, reviews and sewing. Follow on Facebook and Twitter. Baby Bugs n BerriesAbbi from Baby Bugs 'n Berries What happens if you throw polka dots, cappuccinos, books, cute 4yr old,a crafty side with a love of music together? You get me! Follow on Facebook and Twitter. Hayleys Joy Hayley from Hayley's Joy I am a full time working mom and blogger living in Cape Town. I am Mom to Alyssa, born in February 2013, and little Aidan who was born in March this year. Hayley's Joys is about my love for all things Pretty & also documents my journey through parenthood…. the ups and downs! Follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Meg Faure OTR, is an Occupational Therapist who has worked in pediatrics in the USA and South Africa.  Meg lectures internationally to both professionals and parents on baby care issues, including how to sooth infants, manage sleep habits and feeding problems.

Meg is a journalist and author in the field of child psychology, parenting and child development. She co- authored Baby Sense, which has been translated into 4 languages and is a best seller. She followed this book’s success with Sleep Sense, Feeding Sense and in 2011 Your Sensory Baby.

In 2012 Meg developed an Application called Baby Sense Day-by-Day. Meg runs a practice in Cape Town, treating babies and toddlers with sleep problems and sensory processing difficulties. She is married with three children James (16), Alex (13) and Emily (9).

In 2004 Meg Faure founded Baby Sense, one of South Africa’s most recognizable baby brands. She was involved in developing and designing products for the company. Meg’s NEW website,, is a new community where Meg shares not only her parenting advice and articles but also interacts weekly with moms in her MeetUPs. Meg’s facebook page – and twitter @MegFaure are abuzz with the latest in baby advice and research.


Kath Megaw

Kath MegawKath Megaw holds four medical qualifications including a paediatric dietetic qualification from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. She has been published in the Epilepsia journal on the use of the paediatric ketogenic diet in third-world settings and frequently speaks to groups of both professionals and parents on infant and childhood nutrition. She also speaks on television and radio. She is the co-author of Feeding Sense (Metz Press, 2012), has been in private practice for the past 15 years and is the founder of Nutripaeds, a paediatric dietetic practice. She is married with three children (aged 9, 12 and 16). Kath can be contacted through her website and on Twitter @kathmegaw.


Andalene Salvesen

Andalene SalvesenFounder of Munchkins, international author, speaker and parenting coach. Mother of four and proud grandmother of 9, Andalene Salvesen has fondly become known as Super Granny under the auspices of the Munchkins brand. Her extensive expertise, stemming from being a stay-at-home mom, with an unparalleled passion for children, and later owning and heading up a mother & child workshop for 12 years, and a nursery school in Cape Town for 8 years, inspired her to combine her practical knowledge and valuable experience to help desperate parents. In conjunction with a Professor in Psychology and many qualified mentors, she proceeded to develop a parenting course, which she has now been presenting for the past 16 years. This course addresses a host of everyday parenting challenges. Never expecting it to take to flight so successfully, her popular parenting talks, naturally proceeded to evolve into a personal service that includes private home visits to families with one-on-one attention given to their particular needs.

For the past 10 years, she has helped families by coaching them through issues such as, but not limited to: tantrums; sleeping; eating and discipline problems; as well as healthy boundaries; understanding unique temperaments; and many more related parenting challenges. Having a twin sister as well as a daughter who birthed three premmies (a singleton born at 32 weeks and twins born at 30 weeks), also gives her special insight and empathy into the unique challenges faced by parents with twins and premmies. For insightful articles and more about her course, visit her website at, Facebook page or on Twitter @SuperGrannySA.


Celeste Rushby

Celeste RushbyCeleste Rushby is an Occupational Therapist, a Munchkins Parenting Coach, and a mother of 3 premmies (singleton born at 32 weeks and twins born at 30 weeks). Says Celeste, “I understand. I’ve been there! I am using my experience, my specialised training, and my heart for parents of young babies – especially premmies – to support, guide and educate; and above all, to empower. There is light at the end of the tunnel. A bright and incredibly beautiful light. And I just love helping parents to find it.

Celeste’s eldest daughter – now aged 6 – and 3-year old twins (boy and girl) have helped her learn to put the parenting theories into practice on a daily basis. ”Having 3 children in under 3 years comes with its challenges, but when you have the right parenting tools, there are a lot more fun times than challenging ones. With these practical tools, you can change your family status from “surviving” to “thriving”.

The biggest lessons of my journey with my babies were in humility – learning to admit that I need help – and empathy! I realised that you cannot compare your challenges to those of others, and you can never judge others until you’ve walked in their shoes. Things don’t always work out “by the book” because our precious babies aren’t robots. But there are very helpful tools that can help you to get through the challenges with confidence and a smile. Your baby is only a baby for such a brief moment in life. I want you to help you enjoy every minute of it.”


Lisa Raleigh

Lisa RaleighKnown as the blue team trainer on SA’s The Biggest Loser and wellness consultant on SABC 3’s daily morning show, Expresso, Lisa Raleigh is fast becoming South Africa’s unofficial face of wellness and healthy living. A frequent writer and radio guest, Lisa published her best seller, No Fries on Us, with Darren Scott in 2011. Lisa is the events director for parkrun in Durban, and founder of the LIVERIGHT FOUNDATION. This NGO saw its first initiative, SUNfit, offer free exercise classes to the public from 2006 and launch two more venues in 2014.  Lisa’s one-of-a-kind online challenge, well i am, has completed three successful seasons, with the next launching later in 2015. Lisa’s self-produced show, ‘101 Exercises to Try Before you Die’ was the first of many launched early in 2014, all enjoying exposure in over 107 countries. Lisa’s jewelry line, NOBLE, launched in the final quarter of 2014. Follow Lisa on Facebook – – and on Twitter @LisaRaleighSA. Her blog is filled with resources, as is her YouTube channel


Tina Otte

Tina Otte - BabyYumYum ExpertTina Otte owns and runs the Family & Child Centre in Randburg and is a registered nurse/midwife, having qualified in 1978 at the Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital in JHB. In 1992 she qualified as an internationally certified Childbirth Educator (ICEA) and has been teaching childbirth education classes for 30 years. She has had more than 20,000 couples through her hands during this time.

She is a specialist prenatal exercise instructor and has developed a training programme for fitness professionals, on safe exercise in pregnancy. Tina is a certified baby massage instructor and delights in helping mothers enhance their bonding with their babies through intentional touch. She is the author of several books on pregnancy and birth and is the specialist editor of Your Pregnancy magazine. She has been with the publication since it started in 1998.

Tina has a special interest on pre-birth life and how the time in the womb, influences who we turn out to be. She has made a CD for expectant mothers on relaxation and positive affirmations for the womb baby, to enhance bonding and attachment during pregnancy. Tina is passionate about protecting the unique moments immediately after birth, which are so important to mother and baby and believes that mothers and babies should not be separated at this time, unless for very good reasons.

Tina is mother to two beautiful adult daughters, who are her greatest teachers, and looks forward to being a grandmother in the future. She has been married for 36 years to Ralph and enjoys time together on their Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Rianette Leibowitz

BabyYumYum Expert Rianette Liebowitz Rianette is passionate about the power of relationships and she is a Cyber Safety activist. She shares her messages on various platforms as TV and radio presenter, author and speaker. She values her marriage and is a proud mother, feeling grateful to play these significant roles as wife and mother.

In her book “Not for Sale – Relationships of Influence” Rianette shares her passion for the power of personal and professional relationships by telling the stories of influencers and friends.

She shares the cyber safety message as the founder and spokesperson for SaveTNet, which aims to save lives by creating awareness of responsible online engagement for the youth and their parents with the support of national and international parties involved.

Rianette also thrives on the adrenalin rush caused by “lights, camera and action”. She is currently presenting the Cyber Health feature on Cliff Central, presents for Mosaiek and often takes up the MC role. Rianette was recently seen as TV presenter of a lifestyle travel show on KykNET and is also working on other opportunities in the broadcasting industry.

Rianette speaks at schools, corporate events, women events and pretty much any gathering where she can share messages on how to be safe online, how to manage and nurture your relationships in this digital age and how to help your kids understand that their value is not determined by what is being said on social media platforms. You can follow Rianette on your Facebook Page, website and on Twitter: @Rianette.


Good Night

Good NightGood Night’s aim is to help parents of children who are challenged by successful day naps and overall sleep health.

We specialise in all things sleep when it comes to babies and young children. This includes help for expectant mothers, parents of newborns, as well as toddlers and even school-ready children.
We teach parents how to help their children sleep well and self-sooth by providing a variety of services that include private consultations, in-home overnight stays, workshops and seminars.

We also sell sleep-related products. By providing parents with a personalized sleep plan we believe all children can have the gift of a Good Night’s sleep. Our trained sleep consultants are unique in Southern Africa because they are trained professional who undergo strict screening and education processes.

We do not offer generic sleep training services. Our training includes modules that inform our consultants on the basics of neuroscience, nutrition, breastfeeding, stimulation, behavioural therapy, psychology and other sleep related topics. Our focus is on how these facets relates to sleep for infants and toddlers. We don’t follow one particular methodology, because what works for one mom might not work for another. Good Night is associated with international associations and accredited by the South African Sleep Association. We believe in a start-to-finish solution for you and your family.


Stacey Lewis

Stacey LewisStacey is a qualified physiotherapist by profession. She is also a divorcee, although she remarried four years after her divorce. At the time of her divorce, her children were aged 3 years, 22 months and 8 months. Stacey’s divorce came as a complete shock to her, and, as a result, she suffered from severe depression and became anorexic. She desperately wanted to heal from her divorce and sought whatever assistance she could. Stacey eventually reached the point where she considered herself a successful divorcee and began helping women through their divorces on an informal basis. In December 2015, she decided to formalise this and hence was born. The Divorce Source is an online hub, a community, a place where divorced and divorcing women can visit for support, information and inspiration.

Stacey derives immense meaning from being able to help other women and is passionate about connecting with and assisting others. She is compassionate and knowledgeable and offers practical advice to those going through the process of divorce.


Sally Baker

Sally Baker Birth Support - BabyYumYum ExpertSally Baker is a social worker, mother, counselor, childbirth educator, trainer and facilitator. Her Social Work Private Practice is based in Bryanston, Johannesburg where she specialises in birth trauma counseling, and helping mothers with post natal stress, depression and adjustment difficulties. Sally offers supportive psychotherapy along with mindfulness and solution focused therapy. When Sally isn’t counselling or hosting a mothers group, she holds Birthing From Within childbirth preparation classes and empowering BOLD Method workshops for women. She is an active committee member of the Post Natal Depression Support Association.  Sally has presented many talks and workshops on both birth trauma and Post Natal Depression and has presented at a number of Symposiums for various professionals. She has also been a guest on various radio and television programs. Her website is


Dr Tracy Paiken

Dr Tracy Paiken Dr Tracy Paiken is a GP specialising in paediatrics. Her vision is to fill the void between a general GP and a paediatrician. Although she does specialise in paediatric patients, she does see all age groups.

Her background training was at the University of Witwatersrand Medical School after which she completed her internship and community service at Johannesburg Hospital as well as an extra 6 months in paediatrics there. While she was completing those early years of working, she also completed the Diploma in Child Health and the Diploma in Obstetrics.
At that time she decided to venture into the big wide world and went to live and work in London- she spent 9 years there and worked solely in paediatrics with the majority of her time in an excellent, dedicated paediatric emergency department. While there she also got married and had 2 children, which allowed her to embrace and understand further the need for patience, understanding, empathy and a sense of calm when dealing with children, be it other people’s children or her own.

She has since returned to Johannesburg with her children and has been working as a paediatric GP since. She has been humbled in the 2 years since her return to witness families growing in number and children growing in age, stage and development with her role as a provider of advice, medical skill and compassion. Throughout her experience of dealing with people young and old, she feels that she has fulfilled her life-long dream and she knows that not many people can say the same about their career path.

As Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Dr Mike Marinus

Dr Mike MarinusDr Mike Marinus qualified with an M.Tech in Chiropractics from UJ in 2005 and is currently in private practice in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg.

Family Practice and Paediatrics in particular have been special interests that have developed over the last ten years with Dr Marinus taking on post graduate study in the field of Chiropractic Paediatrics. He is also a founder member of the Paediatric Chiropractic Association of South Africa which was launched in 2016.  Dr Marinus has written for many publications over the years on the subjects of: Colic, Reflux, Interventions and Chiropractic Treatment of Paediatrics.

He has been featured on Talk702 taking Q and A sessions on the subject of Chiropractic Care, as well as, shows on various other radio stations. He has also been a recurring panelist on’s Great Expectations show, as well as, The Expresso on SABC3. He is currently the host of The Easy Baby Podcast with their attached blog on which seeks to make relevant information available to moms and dads, giving them practical tips for the first months of their baby’s life. Dr Mike’s website it