Evian Water For Your Nose!


Have you ever used a nose spray on yourself and felt as though you were going to drown with the amount of liquid that enters your nasal cavity? Somebody hand me a life jacket!!!!

Drowning woman

Apart from giving you an instant buzz, kind of like having cold water thrown on your head, I am always worried if any damage is being caused to the lining in my nose by this blast of “engineered” liquid and oy vey what about my baby’s nose?

Physiomer Baby MistSo I started to do a bit of research on baby nasal sprays and the first brand that I grabbed off the shelf at Dischem was called Physiomer. To be honest I had never heard of it but my paediatrician recommended it. He said that it was very gentle, there was a different product for adults and babies (baby mist) as well as a specific product for congestion which has eucalyptus in it. The brands philosophy was all about encouraging nasal hygiene to prevent congestion as opposed to treating. Ahhh solution based and not problem based – I like it!!!

Speaking of solutions – Physiomer is not a potion but it is in fact 100% Sea Water collected from France. I am a bit of a mineral water snob and find so much benefit in Evian water that I just cannot resist consuming it in Europé and in SA when I can find it, so I immediately made the association between the French water and this French product (think of Physiomer as Evian water but for your nose).

Evian Water

But what did he mean when he said it was “more gentle” – after one usage of the baby mist I knew. The button thingy that you press down on didn’t shoot out liquid like an exploding can of boiled condensed milk! #TrueStory

I was able to press down to varying degrees to get different ejection levels (sounds like a science experiment) but I felt much easier knowing that my baby’s nose and brain would still be intact. This is because it doesn’t have “propellant gas” in it and it has a clever soft tip to put in baby’s nose.

Check out this how to video to see it in action:

phyriomer nasal sprayThe research that I came across was that it reduced babies colds by 50% due to the every day cleaning session and obviously helps clear out a snotty nose resulting in easier breathing. You can spray it hourly to alleviate babies congestion.

Another bonus is that there are absolutely no preservatives or additives in it and it is ISOTONIC. This BIG word means that the liquid has a cleansing effect which removes allergens out of the nose.

I was truly so impressed with this baby mist that I used the eucalyptus decongestant on myself to relieve a very bad cold.This eucalptus solution is hypertonic meaning that it draws the fluid out – thereby decongesting and helping me to breathe again.

This is something that I copied from the website when doing my research about the Eucalyptus one: “The first ever patented solution to combine the excellent decongestant properties of sea water with the fresh effect of the eucalyptus/mint natural aroma.” Very impressive!

physiomer baby mist3The normal jet product is also 100% sea water. It is ideal for the daily cleansing and it prevents infections. I think this is something we all need during this cold and flu season, because us Moms know that we are never allowed to get sick and even when we do, life continues as normal, unlike our male counterparts 🙂  Kids from about 6 years can use this so it’s a really good product to have in your house for the family – just make sure they each have their own to avoid transmission of germs, but I’m sure you already figured that!

So in a nutshell I looove this brand for my entire family and cannot understand why one would not want to drink Evian Water or use Physiomer!!!!!

The Baby Mist is available at Dischem, Clicks and leading, independent pharmacies, so you don’t need to search around for it. The recommended selling price is R168.95

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