From Drab to Fab, My Spring Makeover Secrets


spring Can you feel it, can you feel the MAGIC? The energy of spring is all around us. . . Out with the old, in with the new.

So with this fresh, new vibration pulsating through the city I couldn’t help but swallow hard when my summer jeans had the last laugh and my reflection still echoed the drab after effects of winter. Imagine my sheer shock and utter horror when reality bit and all that I’d been sheltered from by winter reared its ugly face? #WinterWhale #FrumpyFace

Being an #EmpoweredMommy, dull just doesn’t fit this season and so I set upon the task of turning sombre into glam. #AbFab

In my pursuit for the perfect makeover I knew that I had to start at the gym. . .

NestorHello Nestor, personal trainer supreme. I had heard of this body guru from around the town but I had never actually pursued it any further. When you need a magic wand you go straight to a magician! Not only is Nestor a wealth of information with great advice, he is motivational and is a nutritional genius when it comes to information on balanced diet, and the dangers of crash dieting and loads more which he so confidently shares with you in order to ‘make your body an efficient fat burning machine’. Wooohooo, turn me into that machine please!

Nestor also clarified some long standing myths and beliefs for me around weight training and cardio. Guess what? No more running till you’re literally nauseous or your heart rate spikes so high you think it may explode through your chest.

weight trainingOf all that I have gained from Nestor probably the most valuable is the motivation from him to make a commitment to be consistent. . .  Not only does it allow me the much needed #EmpoweredMommy time to just focus on me, I leave feeling like a million bucks and ready to embrace the tasks of story books, dinner and bedtime. #OnTopOfTheWorld

lash and brow barNext on my makeover ‘to-do’ list was a mini facelift without the actual surgery and hands and feet to match. I had been informed of the opening of the new Lash & Brow Bar in Bryanston and on recommendation from a colleague decided to book my spot. Tamlin, the owner was beyond accommodating in arranging my appointment and is also just the nicest woman. Nothing was too much for her to facilitate and her phone manner and desire to please was just a breath of fresh air in contrast to so many other salons that actually think they are doing you a favour by booking your treatments.

When I arrived at their new premises I literally felt relaxed the moment I walked through the door! Beautiful, tranquil surroundings, friendly receptionist and exquisite setting. . . they even have an outdoor area for those summer days that is as good as being on a secluded beach.

eye browsI loved the way my therapist came and introduced herself to me before my appointment and let me know she was just preparing for my treatments and would call me shortly.
If Nestor is the magician for bodies, then the Lash & Brow Bar is the fairy godmother of face, hands and feet. . .

After choosing a brow tint, manicure, pedicure and facial I quite literally saw a reflection that had turned my drab into fab. #SuperGlam
The therapist was amazing, the professionalism superb and the vast range of product and colour was about as fun as being a kid in a candy store.

I walked out of there feeling rejuvenated, invigorated and absolutely beautiful!

Last but certainly not least on my list was to now get the starting to take shape body soft, silky and smooth for my final touch.

When I was lucky enough to receive a MatsiMela product gift pack for my birthday, I just knew that this was the product to do the trick!
matsimela1MatsiMela Home Spa offers take-home Body Care products that are a feast for the senses & beyond. . .  #SensoryHeaven

What I love the most is that they source natural ingredients from rural communities in an effort to support upliftment projects. How super cool is that?
I also was so pleasantly surprised that such a premium product is so affordable.

With the ease of just going to their website to shop online or opt to go get my heavenly goodies from a retailer list on their page I was so excited to test my range of body butters, salt and sugar scrubs, massage oils and even a bronzing cream for that healthy summer glow.

ginger and limeAs expected the products did not disappoint, in fact they well exceeded my expectations.  The Ginger & Lime range worked its magic on eliminating old, dry skin and left me feeling smooth and rid of my last layer of winter woe with a big smile and now confident to enter the new season with a spring in my step as not only an #EmpoweredMommy but #BloomingBeautiful.

If you too are seeking a mini makeover, I’m only too happy to share my secrets with you!

Nestor is currently consulting at Virgin Active Morningside Gym and can be contacted on 0827070025 or

The Lash & Brow Bar Bryanston is at 131 Wilton Avenue, Sandton, Tel: 011 463 8471, website:

Matsimela Tel: 011 704 7251/086 766 8579, website:

WIN!! You could win online consultation sessions with Nestor, a manicure, pedicure, eyelash extensions and a facial treatment from Lash & Brow Bar and a product gift hamper from Matsimela! Simply comment on our Facebook Page here with the words “Make me #BloomingBeautiful”: BLOOMING BEAUTIFUL COMPETITION LINK


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