A car seat that becomes a pram!

Flashback to 2013 when my first baby was sleeping soundly in the car seat and I would have to use all my ninja stealth tactics to ever so quietly open the boot, heave out the pram, open it and close the boot without a big bang.
Then, when that was done you would slink around to the side of the car, check that no aunties were around to ambush you with idle chitchat, whilst you attempted to gracefully unbuckle baby and transfer baby from the car seat into the pram and then close the door without slamming it, all the time not breathing and hoping that your damn cell-phone would not ring at that critical moment of transfer.  Phew! What a work out!

Doona Next Generation Car SeatFast forward to 2017 – My Second baby is sleeping soundly in a car seat so I open the rear car door, undo a 3 point seat belt, adjust lightweight handle, lift car seat out, squeeze lever at back of seat, wheels extend (I kid you not – just like an aeroplanes wheels on landing), adjust handle and off you go!
Your car seat has transformed into a very swanky looking pram right before your eyes . . .and baby is still snug as a bug and sleeping.

This is all thanks to the Doona Next Generation Car Seat – a first of its kind, created with space, safety , mobility and practicality in mind.

This seat was created by parents who went in search of something that would suit their travel needs and did not find anything – so they created the Doona.

This brilliant invention acts as a rear facing car seat and is suitable for newborns up to 13kgs. The seat comes with a removable infant insert providing extra safety and comfort to your new precious cargo.

The Doona Next Generation Car Seat is certified as a car seat and as a stroller – pretty awesome!!!

Doona Next Generation Car SeatFor me safety is a huge factor some of the safety features are that it is made out of PVA and BPA free materials.

But what about the sunshade – Does it offer enough cover and protection- it has 50+ SPF protection. The collapsible folding wheel design also creates a double wall structure to offer enhanced side impact protection for baby.

One of the great things is that it comes standard with a removable infant insert which offer even more protection and security for your tiny being.

Another benefit is that the seat is suitable to be used when flying (check with your specific airlines first, but all international carriers allow the Doona on board, including SAA and British Airways) and you can just wheel your bubs straight up the aisle to your seat and then convert it into a car seat.

Doona Next Generation Car SeatThe pram handle is adjustable and  when shopping I was able to pull rather than push the pram.

What’s also brilliant for a South African market is that if you take public transport, including taxis, you just push the pram up to the taxi, fold in the wheels and then pop the car seat into the taxi. I love it.

There are 7 colours available of which 6 are available on the South African market.

The brake and release on the pram are very simple as they are colour coded and are operated by your foot.

The seat can be installed using your car’s 3 point seat belt.

Doona Next Generation Car SeatCleaning – The fabric cover is easily  removable by just unhooking a few clasps  and press studs and then you throw it in the washing machine.

South African and international celebrities that have endorsed this system include:

Graeme Smith

Jo-Anne Straus

Rolene Straus

Wayne Roony

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Ronnie Wood-Rolling Stones

Novak Djokovic

I would highly recommend this car seat and I just wish that they would develop something similar for older/bigger babies and toddlers.

The recommended selling price for this is R5 999 and is available at Baby Boom, Kids Emporium, takealot.com, babygroup.co.za and a few independent stores.

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