Deeply Dippy About Daily Dish


Since having children my time to cook creatively has become non-existent due to my time constraints and my children’s belief that only 4 foods exist in the world – fish fingers, chicken nuggets, macaroni cheese and spaghetti bolognaise.

Having said that, I do try my hardest to take them grocery shopping with me to expose them to foods other then these “staples” and I constantly set myself up for disappointment. We always return home with one bite missing out of the new food item that they “HAD” to have and then say that they don’t like it (even though the packet is opened and mommy has to pay for the full thing, not just the missing part).

baby with foodBeing a mom, working or not, does make meal planning, shopping and cooking challenging and I almost feel that at times I am doing my kids a disservice by not whipping up a different meal every night with a variety of food groups, flavours and colours.


I have often heard about meals that you can buy online and are delivered to your door, but I have been skeptical as I am a household control freak and worry about the quality of the food, the reliability of the meals, the quantity delivered and just the general idea of not actually having to go out and do my womanly, societal role of gathering food for my family.

daily dish logoBeing an #EmpoweredMommy, I love to read success stories about women achieving and growing and I read a story about a company based in Cape Town called Daily Dish, which started off in an apartment, supplying weekly meals to customers and has now grown through lots of hard work and love into a phenomenal, profitable business supplying families with meals countrywide.

So I just had to try this service out and lay all my preconceived ideas to rest. . . and I wasn’t disappointed!!!!!

The process of ordering is all online based and VERY, VERY, VERY simple. You just click the meal plan that you want and then voila! On the following Monday a courier arrives with a parcel comprising of your selection.

daily dish What  comes in the delivery is a weeks summary of what you will be cooking, the recipes for each meal and individually measured and packed ingredients. This is ridiculously brilliant. Even the spices are perfectly portioned and packed.

Here you are making complete healthy meals for your family with fresh and excellent quality ingredients, which have all been chosen and packed for you and all you have to do is assemble everything, cook and eat.

daily dishBut for me it’s more than just the convenience of this service, it’s the little touches that make it so unique and appealing. Like the sms’s and emails after you have registered and placed your order thanking you and keeping you updated on your order and letting you know if you need anything other than what will be couriered to you. It’s the little insert that comes in the pack that says: the secret ingredient is love. It’s the very high quality board that the recipes are printed on with excellent quality pictures and the little note that came with from the team member who physically quality controlled and packed my meals making me feel like it was a care package from my granny. And the best part for me was the fun it created in my household and the fact that my children wanted to partake in cooking an exciting meal and THEN actually consuming the meal they had helped to cook.

daily dish My family of 4, including a 4 year old and a 22 month old, sat around the table after each meal and spoke about how fun it was cooking and everyone was so proud of what they had contributed to the meal resulting in bonding and creating an enjoyment of cooking with delicious results.

I am so taken with this particular company’s concept and all round brilliant delivery that I have placed my orders for the upcoming weeks and I can change my order based on the fad diet that I am on at the time so it can be a banting meal box this week and then a meat free box the next.
You can select meals for 1 person, 2 people or a family of 4 and it works out to approximately just over R250 per meal for a family of 4. I think that is phenomenal value and makes excellent financial sense given the fact that just one bag of groceries can cost R1 000 from some retailers.

I have also decided that Daily Dish is my new “Congratulations On Your Baby” present.
Imagine the bliss of arriving home after giving birth to your baby and not having to stress about shopping or planning dinners or cooking for anyone let alone yourself.

Just read the recipe and throw all the ingredients together. It’s so easy that you can just hand it over to your partner, even if they have never set foot in a kitchen before and cannot tell the difference between a cabbage and a lettuce.

In summary my winning points about Daily Dish are:

  • Convenience, Convenience, Convenience
  • Very affordable
  • Great value
  • Super easy
  • The personalised touches
  • Yummy end resulting meal
  • Excellent quality
  • Variety in the selction of different meals boxes
  • Available countrywide
  • The opportubity to cook with foods/ingredients that you would not usually have used before
  • The fun and the bonding created by cooking
  • You can make suggestions or review each meal online and let everyone else know your experience

I highly rate this company and I promise you that you will too.

Go onto right now and check it out!

Exclusive for BabyYumYum followers!To celebrate their 5th birthday, Daily Dish are giving the BabyYumYum followers a birthday treat! Daily Dish is offering our amazing BabyYumYum followers a special offer of R250 off your first box (box for 2 or 4 people) or R100 off your first box (box for 1) AND a complimentary bottle of wine!! What a stunning deal!! Go here to get your box now:



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