The benefits of yoghurt and the new Danone Nutriday


Danone NutriDay #SmartSnack review by BabyYumYumThis week I attended the Danone NutriDay #SmartSnack Relaunch at Danones head office in Bryanston Jhb. It was attended by the media as well as mommy and food bloggers (glad to see that blog influencers are now forming part of marketing plans).

The main purpose of this launch was to inform us of the new packaging design and new sizing options for NutriDay yoghurts based on tons of research done by the R&D (Research and Development) Team.  We were also given info on the history of Danone, its social responsibility programs and all the warm and fuzzy stuff that goes with it , but here is what I took away with me (as well as a well stocked cooler bag :-))

Noticeable differences

Danone NutriDay #SmartSnack review by BabyYumYumNutriDay Smooth is seen to be more of a kiddy friendly range so the colors and pictures on the pack were tweaked to better suit this market. Honestly though, I don’t really see such a huge change compared with the old packaging.

NutriDay Fruit appeals to more of an adult market and the new packaging definitely reflects this. The blue design is deeper and sexier and the yoghurt colours are lighter and more natural . Also you can now easily identify that it is the fruit range. The most visible change in the Fruit range would be the introduction of new pack sizes. With the 600g bowl which can be shared by two as well as the 150g tub which just looks inviting, along with the 270g.

Danone NutriDay #SmartSnack review by BabyYumYumOverall

Both NutriDay Smooth and NutriDay Fruit definitely were creamier and thicker and a superior product.  With over 27 flavours between the smooth and fruit there really is something for everyone.

Something that really fascinated me was to see what culture is (this is the stuff that is added to milk to turn it into yoghurt). It is small pebbles of white powder- who knew. Another interesting piece of information, which is debatable, is that yoghurt originated in Bulgaria, as well as the fact that it was first sold in pharmacies for its health benefits

BabyYumYum fully supports Danone’s drive to make yoghurt part of an every day diet and bring health to people through food.


    • Hi Asmau. I think it would be better to contact Nutriday themselves as they will be able to provide more accurate information.


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