Cool Gifts With A Difference (written by a real man)

True or False: Buying a Gift for a Man in 2017 is not an easy thing to do????

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crateworx logoOr at least it used to be, until I discovered CrateworX, the creators of mens ultimate cool gifting experiences. These guys are like a miracle Gift from the Universe I tell you, simply put they are awesome!


typical mens giftsAt our weekly ‘Bro’ gathering at the local pub, (because this is what guys do: gobble litres of cold filtered lager) a topical conversation started to emerge: What terrible gifts we have received in the past. Some of the answers almost made me choke on my cold lager. Even though this topic was very entertaining, I asked myself how many other MEN are receiving absolutely horrendous gifts bought ‘with love’ from our significant others out there (while we appreciate every little thing from our spouses, we really do, we just want them to be a little bit more creative than ties, socks and deodorant. . . ). So I had to do something, and so I did.

I asked the guys what they would appreciate receiving as a gift. The answers were all over the place, but the common denominator was an ‘experience-like’ gift. I had enough for my conquest and so I embarked on a search for the coolest gift experience for a REAL MAN.

crateworx beer crateLadies listen closely, you don’t have to pull your hair out anymore about what gift to give to your hardworking hubby, boyfriend, fiancé or uncle anymore. Even though men don’t actually say it, we don’t like receiving socks, ties and wallets etc. . . Yes, they are useful, but a little boring. Now all the men in your life can truly experience the coolest gifting experience from CrateworX, made by Men for Men.

crateworx glass skull bottleImagine an experience of opening a sealed box with a crowbar, only to find a myriad of gifts that are immediately usable. Ready to explore! Their crates are themed which allows for a perfect crate gift for any guy and once opened the crate can be re-purposed for a number of green ideas like a herb garden, a tool box or even better a wine rack (You can never have enough wine storage). OR, you can even get them to re-gift the box to you for your usage 😉 BONUS!

crateworx box

Crate themes are various and highly interesting from beer, gadgets, coffee, golf etc. What is even better is if you are overzealous you can order an empty crate and fill it up your own items. So if you were thinking of buying those boring, stereotypical gifts, DON’T. Let CrateworX be your helping hand. Challenge them and make your MAN a #HappyMan!