Whose baby is this anyway?

Advice on dealing with unsolicited parenting advice and criticism When you become a new parent, some things are imminent. Each baby comes with his or her own package of added benefits like sleep deprivation, guilt, and my personal favourite – unsolicited parenting advice. Suddenly everyone seems to feel duty-bound to...
The challenges of raising a little one (or two or three) and balancing this with your work, home chores, your relationship and social activities makes you wonder if you will ever see Me Time again. The lack of time and the pressure to do more and more with less...

Why this blog?

Welcome to our blog, as parents we know the stresses and challenges of having a new, little human being that you are responsible for and now need to think about 24/7. If you are anything like us, becoming a parent is a daunting task… the endless advice from friends...

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