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A brand new parent  has many fears and nightmares. One of the concerns is that the bath water for their baby is too hot when they bring baby home and the worst nightmare for all parents is when their baby is sick and they are not sure if a...
Kaspersky Lab Anti Cyber Bullying
According to the study Growing Up Online – Connected Kids, conducted by Kaspersky Lab and iconKids & Youth, cyberbullying is a far more dangerous threat to children than many parents think. In fact, the study reveals that the consequences of cyberbullying of young victims includes serious problems with health and...
Abandoned Baby
Child Protection Week 2017 (27 May - 2 June 2017) The National Adoption Coalition of SA (NACSA) has launched new research into the incidence of child abandonment and a new communication campaign to address this ongoing social challenge. The initiative was announced on 23 May 2017 at the Princess Alice...

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