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A story about fluoride

By Dr Candice Schwartz, cosmetic and paediatric dentist. Because fluoride is already abundant in the drinking water and many foods we consume daily, is it...
man and woman under covers smiling masturbation month

M is for Masturbation

By Dr Jireh Serfontein, sexual health practitioner. May is known as International Masturbation Month. It is an entire month devoted to self-love and self-pleasure. A San...
bacterial vaginosis wording on black background with stethoscope, syringe and pills

Bacterial vaginosis: Something fishy

By Dr Jireh Serfontein, sexual health practitioner. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is not an infection caught from your partner; it is due to an upset of the...
pink unicorn bedroom

Princess dreams and unicorn themes

One of 2017’s major trends in pop culture was the unicorn. From make-up ranges to children’s birthday parties, unicorns seemed to pop up everywhere!...
jeans and maternity clothes with glasses

Fashion tips for new moms

By Kate Lantz If you’re a new mom and feel self-conscious in your clothes, we have a sound wardrobe strategy to see you through this...
mom talking to her daughter on a bed

Bedwetting: When to consult a doctor

Bedwetting is an issue that millions of families face every night. There can be numerous reasons for bedwetting and, in most cases, children will...
pregnant woman drinking milk in the kitchen

Nutritional supplements during pregnancy

Expectant moms want the best for their babies but can feel overwhelmed by the often-contradictory information they receive on what is and isn’t good...
salt chart 5 ways to 5 grams

South Africans consume too much salt!

South Africans consume too much salt! We cook with salty ingredients, add extra salt at the table and choose processed foods with hidden salt...
boy wearing nike shorts

Cool kicks for active kids!

Converse kids offers the durable basics with a twist that will allow children to experience the world in all its excitement and diversity. The...
em-eukal sweets

Treat yourself to a sugar-free bonbon

Moms can treat themselves to a new taste sensation with a packet of Dr Soldans Em-eukal bonbons These mouth-watering, sugar-free range of high-quality sweets...

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