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donor breast milk in bag in fridge-min

Donor breast milk or formula feeding? Information is your key to informed choices

Many women in developed countries like the US find that despite their best efforts, they are unable to exclusively breastfeed due to supply problems...
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Well-known remedies for your baby’s constipation

After checking that it isn’t your baby’s diet that’s causing their constipation, try the following remedies before heading to the doctor’s office. Glycerine suppositories or...
two babies in winter clothes talking and cooing with each other on a bench-min

Babies prefer the sounds of other babies to the cooing of their parents

Elena Stepanova/Shutterstock.com Catherine Laing, Cardiff University We know that babies prefer the high-pitched sounds produced by their caregivers in “babytalk” over regular speech, but a new...
baby crying due to constipation mom giving him bottle with formula or milk

Formula can help ease your baby’s constipation

Having a little one with constipation can make you feel really helpless. Not only do you hate to your baby cramping or unable to...
baby massage

Massage help for tender tummies

Certified baby massage expert Tina Otte says your baby’s tummy is one of the first places they will identify pain. Any distension of smooth...
mother on floor meditating exercising patience while toddler making a mess and playing on floor with towel over his head-min

Lessons for a new mom from a mom of four

When people hear I have four children, they automatically assume I know everything there is to know about parenting. This assumption, like so many...
stomach with germs having a party with magnifying glass

Part two: From constipation to diarrhoea

In part two of “From constipation to diarrhoea”, we go in-depth in our discussion of the smelly but serious topic of diarrhoea. Please read...
emoji poop poo constipation to diarrhoea

Part One: From constipation to diarrhoea

You know that you’re a mother or parent when you get excited about poo! From relief that your baby has a regular bowel movement...
baby bottle with powdered milk or baby formula

What is a cow’s milk protein allergy?

The incidence of food allergy is very low in breastfed infants compared with formula‑fed infants. Once cow’s milk proteins are introduced to a baby, in...
minolta camera lens on desk

Five tips for taking photos with your baby

Every mama wants to capture special memories with their little ones (they grow up so quickly) so you book the photographer, settle on a...

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