Build A Bear, Build A Memory

So this is Rainbow Elsa and this is my daughters first Build a Bear and her new best friend too.


We recently attended the Build a Bear launch at Toy Kingdom in Sandton City and although I often decline afternoon launches, this was one that I just had to attend, as I knew what a fun experience it would be to do with my eldest daughter.

My first encounter with the Build a Bear concept was in Switzerland in my early 20’s when I was able to customise and  “adopt” my own teddy bear.
The joy that this experience gave me at this age was sure to give my 3 year old a memory to remember.

singing at Build a BearThe creation of “Rainbow Elsa” began with all the children present singing songs and building up to a festive atmosphere led by store staff; apparently this is how every birthday party at Build a Bear begins.
What a great ice breaker to include everyone.

care-bear build a bearSeeing the excitement on my daughters face of being able to choose her new best friend from a selection of over 30 fluffy  “bears”  was priceless.  A bright neon CareBear with a rainbow on its tummy was chosen.

The emotion that emanated from my daughter next was one of disbelief, as she watched her new friend come to life after stuffing it,  inserting a noise box inside of it that constantly says “I Love You” when its paw is pressed, choosing a heart, making a bear promise and dedication and then sowing the new fuzz ball up.

The awe of  this new companion was highlighted when a set of clothes, including the cutest satin panties and shiny shoes were selected and put on the aptly named “Rainbow” Bear. And just as we thought that the new best friend was complete, hanging from an accessory rail was a Frozen Elsa blonde wig . It was as if the world stood still for a few seconds, whilst we put the wig on Rainbow bringing Queen Elsa one step closer to reality.

Before putting Rainbow in a special carry box to safely and proudly carry home, a birth certificate was created for our new “Rainbow Elsa”, complete with date of birth and “ID number” which can be used to track the owner of the bear on a database, if the bear happens to be left behind somewhere and returned to any Build a Bear store.


Its now 3 weeks later, Rainbow Elsa is still the flavour of the month and even though out of the darkness of her room I constantly hear “I love you” in a sing-song voice as she rolls over onto her new best friend’s paw , I constantly reflect on the memory that I will have with me forever – seeing the apprehension mixed with joy on her face, of bringing life to something and knowing that its existence was created solely for her fulfillment, much like a mother births a child.

#UltimateBuildaBearSA   #BABWSA

If you would like win this Ultimate Build a Bear Workshop Experience for your child in Gauteng, KZN or Western Cape, all you have to do is send us the name of your first teddy bear that you had as a child on our Facebook page here.

This is a great idea when thinking about what to do with your children this festive season, so to get more info on the Ultimate Build a Bear Experience and Party option check out the Build a Bear Facebook Page and Website.