Breast Pump You Suck. . .

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One of the things that no one prepares you for after childbirth is that you leak. . . you leak from every where whether you like it or not for the first few days and in some cases you continue to leak from your boobs with huge volumes of milk, or you may be at the other end of the spectrum with just a few drops of  “liquid gold”.

In both these cases, if you have chosen to and are able to breastfeed, you are going to try and make your life easier with a breast pump – either to stimulate milk production or to “let down” your aching boobs, or to not waste any milk and create your own milk bar to satisfy your little VIP either on demand or on schedule.

There were many things that I hated about pumping both with manual and electric breast pumps:

  • Practicality – the really powerful hospital grade machines are heavy to lug around and require a lot of space to set up and you need to be connected up to a close plug point as the cables are never long enough.
  • Strength – the manual hand pumps require you to have superhero powers so that you maintain a constant pump without your hand falling off when getting tired.
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  • The cost – to be able to have the luxury of an “electric pumping assistant” requires a small investment.
  • After having a baby, ones memory isn’t so good and remembering your pumps setting after each usage proves difficult.
  • Decanting – with most pumps both manual and electric you need to use the standard bottles that come with the machine and then after pumping, decant into your own specific chosen bottles, often resulting in spilling, knocking over and the possibility of bacterial exposure with exposed milk, and lots of tears.
  • User friendliness or not – after pumping with an electric pump you need to carefully position the filled bottle, lean over without knocking the bottles over and turn off the machine again sometimes resulting in tears.
  • funnelComfort – my experience with brands of pumps that I used (some of the most expensive) was quiet traumatising with hard, cold plastic suction cups that looked more like funnels for putting oil in a car than body friendly devices to draw out milk.
  • Discretion – having to walk around with a rather large device in a bag that when plugged in made the noise similar to that of a cow with a blocked nose simply made me feel so self conscious every time I started the process.
  • Esteem – simply put, I felt that the devices I used were designed by a man for the purpose of function and didn’t take into consideration the transition that ones body and mind has just been through. I’m certainly not saying that pumping should be sexy, but at least don’t make me feel like a cow lined up in a factory and resent the process which I should in fact be happy to be apart of.

I wish that I had  the opportunity to use the BabyWombWorld Electric Breast Pump, which I recently came across.

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The things that I love about it are:

  • silicone funnel babywormbworldMy favourite thing about it is the amazing silicon part that goes over your breast. It molds beautifully over the breast, so it is comfortable and allows for a tight seal.
  • My next favourite thing is that for both stimulation and suction modes there is a . . . wait for it . . a count down timer. Hallelujah!!!! No more having to try and and position yourself in front of a clock that you can barely see ,especially at night, or trying to look at your watch whilst trying to not let go of the units you are holding to your breasts like an octopus. The timer is big, it’s bright and will turn off automatically after 30 minutes.
  • Its modern and sexy looking (if you can actually call a breast pump sexy ??).
  • The battery is very lightweight and small.
  • The unit enables you to pump directly into your own bottle with a neck adapter for normal and wide neck bottles, but unfortunately it didn’t work with my chosen wide neck bottle, which is Dr Browns, as it’s a bit too wide.
  • The operating unit/battery has an LED display area and a one level surface, so it is easy to wipe and no dust can collect on buttons or switches.

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  • Both the stimulation mode and the suction mode have very sensitive and strong degrees to select from.
  • The parts that go on your boobs and have milk going through are easy to clean and clear so you can see if any milk/water is still sitting inside .
  • Selling Price is only R 1 299
  • The BabyWombWorld Electric Breast Pump is made by Horigen, who won the Best Innovative Baby Product Award in the Netherlands earlier this year and has been entered into the 2017 International Consumer Award competition at the Kind and Jugend Fair in Cologne, Germany!
  • It is easy available at and

So in conclusion to my heading – Breast Pump you Suck – Just carry on sucking with the Horigen BabyWombWorld Electric Breast Pump!!!!!

You Rock!!!!!

Breast or Formula just make sure your baby gets fed!

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