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1 August to 7 August is Breastfeeding Week (we have subsequently dubbed August, Breastfeeding Month!) and although I am a fearless formula feeder who believes that #FedIsBest, I too was a breastfeeding mommy and during that breastfeeding time there are just some things that you simply cannot do without. They make you more confident in feeding and in any situation, more comfortable.

Breastfeeding Meme

There is something very primal about breastfeeding, for example how your breasts leak when you hear your baby crying or when you are busy showing colleagues pics of your brand new special person.

With a strong trend towards “normalising” (for lack of a better word) breastfeeding and encouraging breastfeeding in public,  every  breastfeeding gal needs to have her BREAST FRIENDS!!


My list – based on experience of what one needs – would contain the following items :

·  Breast Pads – nothing worse than those inconspicuous “water marks” that can ruin any gorgeous top, making you completely self conscious. Just make sure you put them on the right way, not like my first time (but that is another whole hilarious story for another post).

bennets nipple cream1·  Nipple Cream – breastfeeding can be torture on your nipples, making them feel raw, similar to being dragged behind a bus on a gravel road.  But the good news is that nipple cream exists and a great nipple cream from BENNETTS exits. It not only soothes your sore nipples, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be washed off before a baby feeds and the tube of cream just goes on and on and on.  You use such a small amount that it is very economical. In it, are magical properties created by the combination of D – Panthenol, Lanolin and Evening Primrose Oil.

It doesn’t have a smell so you can be assured that your baby is taking in your scent and not other fragrances.

Bennetts Logo Pantones finalJust as a note – I love products and things that can be used before and at the next stage after baby is a bit bigger for other uses, so what I love is that this nipple cream can also be used on your lips to keep them in #YummyMummy kissable condition and you can even use it on your growing tummy to alleviate that itchy tightness.
I also use it on really dry parts of my hands.

·  Cabbage leaves – cold cabbage leaves straight out of the fridge placed under your bra on your sore engorged boobs is an instant soother and provides relief. It’s even effective if you have mastitis.

BreastFeeding Meme

·  A good breastfeeding bra, that is practical and sexy. No one wants to feel like Mrs. Doubtfire donned in a big practical breastfeeding bra. Get your groove back with some gorgeous breastfeeding bras.

·  Sun Glorious Sun – in the first few days of breastfeeding it is a good idea to let the natural elements of sun and air dry the dampness from your nipples by going outside and “flashing” the sun for a few seconds. Try and find a spot that gets sunlight but is not directly in the sun. I remember when my first born had a low level of jaundice and I walked around my garden holding this bundle of squishiness to my body to give her sunlight to combat the jaundice and to allow for my boobs to “breathe”. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone and very liberating (just make sure the neighbours aren’t peeping over the fence).

bamboobies shawl·  A breastfeeding shawl/blanket – although society is very actively trying to promote breastfeeding in public and breastfeeding in general, for many women it remains a private, conservative activity between mom and baby for various reasons.  But as a breastfeeding mom you don’t want to be held a hostage in your own home and unable to go out due to your baby wanting to feed in public. So to alleviate this problem of privacy the feeding shawl exists and we have come across a really sexy and fashionable shawl that is actually part of your outfit rather than a throw over, mismatched blanket type of cover from BAMBOOBIES – the Bamboobies® Chic Nursing Shawl.

bamboobies shawlYou put it on as you would your normal top for the day. It is made from eco-friendly bamboo with a touch of spandex so that your baby can fit underneath it. It’s light weight so you don’t boil wearing it and your baby is comfortable and doesn’t feel like they are feeding in a sauna. It is simple and stylish with its draped look. And again I love it because you can wear it after your breastfeeding days are finished. It comes in Black or Blackberry. They are so popular that finding them is not always easy so when you do come across one at Yummy Mummy or Faithful-to-Nature or on the site, grab it.

Bamboobies have a phrase that says “Breastfeeding is Beautiful, leaks and lines are not!” and with their complimentary breastfeeding range which is also substantial, organic and a supporter of fair trade why would you not buy?!

milkies milk tray·  MILKIES Milk Trays – if you are so lucky to have stacks of milk and you cannot bear to waste any then these awesome trays are for you.

milktrays close up pourThey allow you to freeze your breast-milk into sticks so that you can just drop them into your bottle. It’s not just a really innovative, cool and convenient product but it can also alleviate with the “back to work problem” of ensuring that your milk has been stored and is readily available for your little one. The trays look like a regular tray but it is perfectly portioned, it is BPA Free and is reusable and recyclable. The sticks are 30ml. There are a whole range of these breast-milk accessories which are “invented by moms for moms” available online at

·   A great breast pump – whether manual or automatic, this is a necessity if breastfeeding.


·  A good latch – breastfeeding is often compromised by a poor latch or feeding position. Speak to your midwife or lactation consultant to help you get the most out of this experience.

·  Time and Patience – 2 golden keys to breastfeed correctly if you are able to.

·  Self Love and Trust – if you are unable to breastfeed or decide to cut back on breastfeeding, for whatever reason, ditch the guilt! Don’t let anyone judge you or make you feel like an inferior mother. No matter how you choose to feed your little one, stick with your choice and know that you are doing the best that you can do and that you are amazing because you are a great mother.

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  1. I love the fact that I get to have that special time with my baby, in the beginning it’s quiet hard but when they look into your eyes and they drinking , all your worries , stresses and everything go away. I didn’t get an opportunity to breast feed my first born for Long, but with my second born, while pregnant I said I will do everything and anything to breast feed her. I won’t give up ! And it’s been 5 months of breast feeding my baby girl, she refuses any bottles and just wants her boobie juice ♡ as I call it. I’m such a blessed mother to be able to experience breastfeeding, because in all honesty it’s really the best , I love that bonding time her and I have ♡

  2. Breast Feeding develops a bond between mom and baby. A wonderful feeling knowing that a life I brought into this world is being breastfed, milk which is from my body . Breastmilk is healthy and those moments spent breastfeeding is treasured. An attachment to my daughter , that’s how our journey to a special connection started. Despite the heavy breasts, sore nipples etc it is absolutely a pleasure and delight to feed my baby from my body .
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. Blessings.


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