Bottle companies really do “Milk” you for every rand and cent

This weekend I found 30 minutes to myself and those precious moments were spent. . . tidying out my kitchen cupboard with all the plastic storage containers, bottles and sippy cups.

I was actually astounded at how many mismatched bottles and sippy cups I have and how many were incomplete; missing lids and spouts and what then freaked me out when I pulled apart everything to try and make complete sets especially with the sippy cups was the mould that that had accumulated in the straws or the joining mechanisms or in the actual spouts themselves!

I sat back and thought, damn these baby product manufacturers are really clever in the way in which they get you to spend money!

Typically you buy a complete bottle set and then every time you loose the screw ring top or other bits and bobs (this happens often in my house and then months later I will find the missing screw ring top with those missing socks) you need to buy a whole new bottle set or every time your baby reaches a milestone and you need to change the teat size or change to a straw or a free flow spout,  you need to a buy a whole new bottle set with the correct requirement AGAIN.

All this equals – MONEY!!!!!

When you become a new mom you become a sucker.

female detectiveBaby product companies know that once they have you loyal to their brand that they can “milk” you for your last rand and cent as you want the best for your baby and your purchase is often more emotional than functional.

So I went on a hunt to try and find a complete bottle system with the most accessories that were interchangeable and that were sold separately and that I could take apart and clean properly.

After many walks up and down a well known baby “essentials” retailer I came to the following conclusion about what I believe is the most cost effective and complete bottle system.

It is. . .

The NUK Range of Breast Milk Storage Containers with interchangeable accessories AKA baby bottles.

Why ?

  • For a start the bottle necks are all wide necks even if the bottle is the 150ml or the 300ml, which means you don’t need different sizes of bottle bags or storage solutions to suit wide or normal neck bottles.
  • The NUK accessories available are all interchangeable and all fit every NUK bottle meaning that the bottle your baby had when it was first born can be the same bottle used by a 36 month old plus.
  • Every accessory is easy to clean PROPERLY and you don’t need a special degree to put it back together again.
  • The stand alone accessories that you can buy separately to suit your needs and your baby’s milestone needs are:
    • Screw Ring
    • Different sized teats
    • A clip on handle
    • Non-spill spouts
    • Free Flow spouts
    • Non-spill Straws
    • Push-pull Tops

NUK accessories nuk bottlesSome of the other things that I do love about NUK bottles are:

  • Not only are all products in the standard boy or girl colours, but neutral colours exists too.
  • The teats are made from soft silicone, so it is soft on babies gums and developing teeth.
  • The non-spill plastic spout for teething babies can be converted to a free-flow spout just by removing a little piece of plastic (easily cleanable of course).
  • NUK seems obsessed with being known as the orthodontists choice and I have been doing my research and it seems that they have every right to be proud of that fact.

The most important point about all of the above is that NUK really wants the best for baby and for you. You can afford to give your baby the best without being sucked dry or feeling guilty (as if parents don’t have enough to feel guilty about right?).

Clever, Cost Effective and Clean!!!!

NUK win competitionStand the chance of winning a NUK Breast Milk Storage Container Starter Pack! All you have to do is follow the link and fill in a short form:

Competition closes Midnight 21 August 2017.