Baby Yum Yum is a community of moms and dads who want the best for their children. We are fortunate to have these featured parenting bloggers as part of our community, and please visit their blogs to find out more about how they deal with the joys and challenges of raising children.

The Mommy CitySarah from The Mommy City

I’m a mommy blogger who lives in Cape Town with my two toddlers and hubby. I like to blog about living in the mother city, parenting, reviews and sewing. Follow on Facebook and Twitter.



Baby Bugs n BerriesAbbi from Baby Bugs ‘n Berries

What happens if you throw polka dots, cappuccinos, books, cute 4yr old,a crafty side with a love of music together? You get me! Follow on Facebook and Twitter.




Hayleys Joy Hayley from Hayley’s Joy

I am a full time working mom and blogger living in Cape Town. I am Mom to Alyssa, born in February 2013, and little Aidan who was born in March this year. Hayley’s Joys is about my love for all things Pretty & also documents my journey through parenthood…. the ups and downs! Follow on Facebook and Twitter.