Why we love baby activity programmes and the Moms and Babes Workshop

Moms and Babes Workshops

Looking back at the first year of my children’s lives, I can honestly say that they were the best (and hardest) times of my life. I remember the excitement and anxiety of coming home for the first time. I remember the long nights and hours of cuddles in my warm arms. Each developmental stage came with the joy that my child sat, crawled or walked for the first time, and a sadness that they were growing up faster than I wished.

I remember fondly my weekly baby activity classes where I spent one-on-one time with my children, learning activities to do at home with them, what milestones I should be aware of, and spending time with my mommy friends. This precious time spent learning and playing with my children, surrounded by our friends, is special to me. I didn’t have to think about the washing, the dishes or preparing for the next meal. These were good times.

There are many benefits to joining a baby class within the first year. These classes offer support and socialisation for both mom and baby. Moms can learn activities and develop skills to help baby reach their milestones both in class and at home. Baby enjoys age appropriate stimulation and dedicated time for play and learning. Moms who join the Moms and Babes Workshops receive all these benefits and more in weekly 1½ hour workshops.

Moms and Babes WorkshopMoms and Babes Workshops

Moms and Babes Workshop is an age appropriate play activity programme developed by an Occupational therapist and Physiotherapist for babies in their first year to enhance development and strengthen the bond between mother and baby. The workshops are designed to encourage:

  • Gross and fine motor skill development
  • Sensory development and integration
  • Development of play
  • Emotional and social development
  • Language and cognitive development

What the programme offers:

  • Guided play and exploration with age-appropriate toys.
  • Outdoor play, gross motor activities and obstacle courses.
  • Learning easy exercises to do with your baby, to encourage the development of his or her gross and fine motor skills.
  • Activities that improve eye movement, eye focus and eye-hand co-ordination.
  • Encouraging your baby to discover the fun and joy of movement through music, rhymes and songs.
  • Encouraging your baby to explore textures through messy play and “feeling” experiences which educate the sense of touch, helping small hands become more nimble.
  • Stimulating your baby’s senses, especially the two hidden senses i.e. proprioception and the vestibular sense.
  • Intimately bonding with your baby while learning to do baby massage.
  • Valuable socialising with other moms and their babies.
  • Making simple and effective toys for tiny babies.
  • On hand information articles by Occupational and Physiotherapists regarding your baby’s needs and development.
  • Asking questions and receiving advice or assistance regarding raising a balanced and nurtured baby.


To allow for age-appropriate motor skill stimulation and development, Moms and Babes Workshop is divided into 3 age-groups:

  1. Tiny Babes (2 to 6 Months) – teaching your baby to roll and sit independently.
  2. Babes (6 to 9 Months) – teaching you how to encourage your baby to crawl.
  3. Busy Babes (9 to 12 Months) – coaching your baby to stand and walk without support.

If you are looking for an activity group to join and create special memories with your child, contact Moms and Tots Workshop Group at info@momsandtots.co.za and visit their website for more information.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.