I would like to surround my baby in a bubble


Before reading any further please watch this and tell me how you feel. . .

If we have airbags in cars to protect us and if so much research and testing has been done on minimising damage and saving lives due to airbags, then surely it would only be logical to create baby/child car seats with airbags. So why hasn’t this been done?

axissfix air maxi cosiHold on to your (car)seats . . . Maxi-Cosi has recently launched the AxissFix Air – The world’s first car seat with airbags.

As a mother I only want the very best security and protection for my children and a car seat of this design has a huge emotional and practical pull on me, so that I know as a mother that I have done everything in my power to protect my family in the event of an accident since about 5 500 children globally are injured in car accidents every year.

axissfix airThink of surrounding your child in a bubble that protects yet looks good too.

The AxissFix Air looks tough yet is sleek and modern looking and based on its predecessor it offers the unique 360° swivel action, which allows you to swivel the seat towards you, put your child into it easily and then turn it back to be rear or forward facing. . . talk about securing your child in style and making it effortless for you.

axissfix air car seat maxi-cosiThis seat is rearward or forward facing depending on the age and weight of your child. You can rearward face from 61cm (approx. 4 months old) until 87cm (approx. 2 years old). Then, you can turn the seat and forward face from 76cm (approx. 15 months old) until 105cm (approx. 4 years old).

The design of the base allows for the seat to be swiveled left or right depending on which side of the car your child is placed in.

The adjustable headrest makes this the ultimate in comfort and safety for your child.

maxi cosi axissfix airThere is also a measuring height indicator, which helps you determine when it is time to change your child from rear to forward facing.

We all know that at some stage your car seat is going to get covered with vomit or drool and biscuits are going to be smushed into is, so being able to remove the car seat cover and wash it, is soooooo important.

The seat also has 4 reclining positions for the comfort of your child; it’s really nicely cushioned and has shoulder and crotch pads to make sure that the straps do not dig into babies skin.

The pads also ensure that the metal pieces of the 5 point harness do not burn babies skin when it gets hot after sitting in the sun. The 5 point harness ensures the ultimate in safety in terms of restraining your child, especially when your child becomes a bit older and spends the whole car ride trying to work out how to undo the harness.

i-sizeThis seat is R129 compliant, meaning that it is i-size compliant and meets the latest car seat regulations.

One would think that only a big car would be able to take the design of the car seat, yet it actually has a compact design that fits small cars too.

This car seat  technology was inspired by the successful application of airbag technology used in airbag jackets for motorcyclists and ultralight aircraft airbag seat-belts.

This new, innovative technology will in time become the standard for all juvenile car seats but of course Maxi-Cosi will always stay abreast of new technology and be the leader of juvenile car seat developments.

How does it work:

The car seat works with a crash detection system that detects a collision in 0.015 seconds. The system then inflates the airbags located in the two shoulder pads of the harness with cold air in the blink of an eye to cushion the head and neck. In the next second, the airbags automatically deflate.

The Maxi-Cosi Air Safety technology reduces the forces on a child’s neck, vertebrae and head up to 55%, keeping toddlers significantly safer than in a standard forward facing child car seat.

As a fashionista, colours are very important and the launch colours are:

axissfix colours

It will be available from 4 December 2017 in South Africa and the selling price is R12 999.



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