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flu season with cup of lemon tea with cream blankets-min

Are flu shots a must for everyone?

Most medical experts strongly advise getting the flu vaccine, but many people remain skeptical when it comes to their efficacy. Flu season is here and...
antenatal class with mother holding her tummy while other people look at her-min

What are antenatal classes and are they worth it?

Most antenatal classes focus on improving your skills and confidence as well as preparing you for a positive birth experience. Antenatal classes can help you...
preschooler girl reading a book sitting next to a pile of books with an apple

When your child doesn’t like to read

Reading is a highly beneficial activity for children, but what if your child strongly dislikes flipping the pages? Television, video games, iPads; technology has opened...
pink unicorn bedroom

Princess dreams and unicorn themes

One of 2017’s major trends in pop culture was the unicorn. From make-up ranges to children’s birthday parties, unicorns seemed to pop up everywhere!...
baby sleeping on a cloud in a bubble floating in the sky

Disney-inspired baby names

Naming your child “Cinderella” may seem a little ridiculous; however, Disney movies have a series of lovely and unusual names from lesser-known characters that...

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