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Mariè Malherbe Photography couple on their wedding day adoption-min

Our journey to become parents

Lianda Colquhoun and her husband Darran met eight years ago and were married in 2014. As all couples do, they discussed their possibilities of...

A story about fluoride

By Dr Candice Schwartz, cosmetic and paediatric dentist. Because fluoride is already abundant in the drinking water and many foods we consume daily, is it...
man kissing neck of lady orgasm gap-min

Picking up where the sexual revolution left off: The orgasm gap

  Women’s sexual pleasure has not been stressed as much as men’s. Lucky Business/Shutterstock.com Laurie Mintz, University of Florida At the core of the 1960s sexual revolution was...
blood pressure hypertension awareness silent killer-min

The silent killer: are you at risk?

Worldwide, raised blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths, which is about 12.8% of the total of all annual deaths. The number...
beautiful lady holding apple next to face after having a baby-min

How I embraced my post-baby body and self

I’m 21 months post-partum and only now starting to feel like myself again. Only when I became a mom did body consciousness hit me...
small child baby reaching up to hot pot on stove about to be burned-min

Burns in South Africa: Who is at risk?

By Arrive Alive. By being aware of the main risk factors for childhood burns in this country, it’s possible to reduce those risks and keep...
donor breast milk in bag in fridge-min

Donor breast milk or formula feeding? Information is your key to informed choices

Many women in developed countries like the US find that despite their best efforts, they are unable to exclusively breastfeed due to supply problems...
pre baby counselling couple with psychologist-min

You, me and baby makes three

By Dr Sumayya Ebrahim, psychologist. You and your partner may be in love and have the ideal relationship – and you may think that both...
white suppository for baby consitpation-min

Well-known remedies for your baby’s constipation

After checking that it isn’t your baby’s diet that’s causing their constipation, try the following remedies before heading to the doctor’s office. Glycerine suppositories or...
mama mio sleep easy kit

WIN* a Limited Edition Sleep Easy Kit from Mama Mio

Hit the snooze button on pregnancy insomnia with the Mama Mio Sleep Easy Mama Kit. Drift off with this relaxing lavender and calming mint...

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