As smooth as babies feet


As moms we often forget about caring for ourselves when we are so caught up in being the best parent for our children and often, we let “me time” and our appearances slip.

For me personally there is nothing worse than having rough, cracked and dirty feet and I often associate this with a persons overall health and hygiene. Having said that though, there are times when even I, who is obsessed with putting cream on my feet, do get into bed at night without putting cream on my feet and often run around the garden and in mud  bare foot with daughter, resulting in yucky feet.

I have always had smooth feet but noticed during my first pregnancy my heels were becoming cracked and I believe that this was due to the extra weight I was carrying around (all 32kgs of it ).

I tried buffing and scrubbing and sleeping with socks and miracle creams and I even resorted to buying one of those automatic , battery operated foot buffers. ( my husband used to call this my “smile maker ” because for the few minutes that I sat  in a trance rubbing it backwards and forwards with its vibrating noise i felt a real sense of satisfaction as the cloud of smoke( dry skin cells) came away from my feet and the smile got bigger and bigger). But the next day the dry skin came back and I would start the process all over again.

To be honest there was actually only one thing that worked and revived my poor weary and tired feet. Milky Foot –an intense exfoliating Foot Pad !!!


Unfortunately I have been unable to use it now, as it is not for pregnant women , but I contacted the importers and demanded that my followers should be able to experience the joys of this product this month  and they have happily given me 5 units to give away.


How does it work ?

In the beginning, new-born infants have an almost neutral skin surface, with an average pH of 6.5.

During the first month of life, the metabolism processes ensures a gradual adjustment, and the skin’s neutral pH goes from neutral to a PH of 5.5 (on average ).

The normal surface of the skin is moderately acidic and this helps to resist bacterial infections, as bacteria do not like an acidic environment and this causes the skin to harden unfortunately.

The principle of Milky Foot is to build a lower pH value which is……

  • not sensitive to the skin
  • to unlock uniform cell structure and shed dead skin cells.
  • to kill the bacteria.

After wearing thE miracle Milky Foot sock for only 60 minutes  the dead skin peels away from your feet after 4-7 days leaving them soft and smooth just like your babies feet.

So hows that ? For a little effort you get a well deserved revival.

Milky Foot contains  an ingredient called Almond Based Mandelic Acid, which is suitable for all skin types , and it is suitable to use during the summer months and in periods when there is a risk of sun damage to the skin because of the increased sun activity.

But beware there are many copies of this product and i can promise you that none of them are as safe and effective as the original Milky Foot , which is available exclusively at Dischem and a few independent pharmacies for about R295 and believe you me…… it’s worth every cent. I can’t wait to start to use it after my upcoming birth.

To Win one of these- simply read through this article , share it with your friends and comment on this blog between 10 and 3 tomorrow (5 August 2015). Winners will then be selected randomly, if they have followed all the instructions properly, and w ill be informed by Friday .

Good Luck  and remember that you are the most important person !!