A Gift For Dad . . . And The Whole Family

unsure momMy husband is amazing with the kids and very keen to do lots of activities with them, but sometimes he needs a little bit of direction in terms of fun things to do with them. Also, as a mom, I am great at giving gifts to my family, but when it comes to giving dad something, that is where I need the direction. . .

Well Merry Xmas and happy holidays to dad and I, as we have found the perfect present and activity for each other and the kids!

My husband is a regular golfer and his Saturday would not be complete without a round of golf, come rain or shine (funny how he can’t get up early during the week, but Saturdays he is up before his alarm clock).

So given the fact that he loves golf, I have decided that the best way to spoil dad would be to give him something that he actually wants and the logical conclusion would be a golf related gift. So I went off to the most obvious place for golf items – The Pro Shop.pro shop golf

Daphnes Head Cover (5)I was a bit overwhelmed with all the “stuff” in the shop, but was assisted by a very helpful individual who has obviously dealt with the “non-golfer wife” before and helped guide me in the right direction.

The kids loved the Daphne Wood Covers in all characters and animals and joyfully selected a furry Lion cover to represent the fact that dad is the Lion in our family looking after us.

I chose a combination present made up of:

Volvik Superhero Golf balls (for obvious reasons – my husband is a superhero),

Marvel Gift Set (2) golf balls

Adidas Traxion 360 golf shoes as I am tired of him scratching my floors when he comes home and forgets to take off his current golf shoes.Adidas Traxion 360 (2)

A Puma Script cap – the intent behind this was that I can actually wear it as it’s really funky.

Puma Script Cap (5)

An Adidas Solid Pique shirt – contrary to what men say, you can never have enough golf shirts.Adidas Pique shirt golf pro shop

And lastly, as I was about to pay, I was told that the worlds most wanted golf driver was on a huge discount – The Callaway Epic and as a women I just love feeling like I have gotten a good bargain!

Callaway Epic Golf CLubWhen I had to pay the total at the till, I was excited to hear that I could use my Discovery Miles and proceeded to do my happy dance and the kids joined in too – double value and happy me!

At dinner, after my purchase, I decided to test the waters and show my husband all my golf knowledge that I had magically acquired in one day.

world of golf logoHe seemed to be astounded and thought that I had genuinely taken an interest in golf and suggested the idea that he take me to the Momentum World of Golf to develop my newly found interest.

What he revealed to me is that at the Momentum World of Golf is that there is something for the whole family to do – There are 7 incredible worlds to explore, offering entertainment for the kids, every shot you can imagine for the golfer, a fabulous gym for the health nut, an amazing Camelot Spa for some R&R and a fully loaded restaurant for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Kids Area WOGThat was it – I had then and there selected my year end present. I wanted to be spoiled at the Camelot Spa, knowing that my kids were being entertained and in the immediate vicinity of me if they needed me in an emergency (an emergency is what I will stress when I start my treatment) will give me peace of mind and not feel like I have to rush home to check they are okay. Also I know that they will be bonding with their dad during my treatment time, and allow them to experience an introduction to Golf, whilst there.

The funny thing is that recently after writing this original post I was invited to a kids party at their world class kids play area, which is perfect for a quick visit with the kids and even better for parties and play days.
The kids play area is great for small and large groups, and they have a calendar full of events for the holiday season.

Apart from the material items that we will be giving each other this festive season, the best gift is that we will have the opportunity to experience quality bonding time together at the same time in the same venue, something that is rare in our daily lives.

Be sure to check out the Momentum World of Golf this holiday season for great activities,as well as, The Pro Shop for great specials.